Reading & Phonics

Through reading, pupils are introduced to new vocabulary that can then be used in their own writing and speech.

  • Reading and phonics sessions take place across KS1 and KS2 daily first thing in a morning to ensure a consistent approach to reading across school. This session ensures daily opportunities for children to apply their decoding and comprehension skills (linked to reading domains) independently through the use of whole class reading, smaller group reading activities, phonics activities and 1:1 reading.
  • These activities and approaches are set out in the Success For All Reading and Phonics programme, which the school follows.
  • Year group learning objectives and reading content domains are used to inform planning when considering SFA units and approaches.
  • There are a wide range of books available throughout school for children to choose and take home. These are colour coded to help children choose and to allow teachers to offer guidance against the reading age of the child. Books available are both ‘real’ books and ones from a reading scheme, which aims to develop a more structured approach to reading. The School Library provides a wide range of information and reference books.

Our Curriculum in Detail

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