Sandhill Primary


Curriculum and Assessment

At Rawmarsh Sandhill, the aim of our curriculum is to develop independent lifelong learners who are well equipped to deal with life in a modern world. While preparing our children academically for the next phase, through our curriculum, we aim to raise their aspirations and develop; respect, responsibility, resilience, pride, perseverance, commitment, and creativity with a real focus on each individual developing themselves to be “the best that they can be”.

The curriculum, which is National Curriculum based, is carefully designed into learning journeys which span a full term. These Journeys are infused with real life experiences and hands on learning in order to fire the children’s imaginations and make learning vivid and real for them. Strong, cross curricular links strengthen the relevance of learning and provide opportunities for the children to apply their knowledge and skills in a range of meaningful contexts. The flexibility within the national curriculum guidelines allows us to organise learning into topics where the programmes of study are covered at different depths according to the different stages of development of the children. A two-year rolling cycle of topics encourages team work between classes and makes learning exciting, engaging and fun.

What do we learn about?


2019-20 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Superheroes Dreams Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Lower KS2

2019-20 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
I am warrior Mighty Metals Scrumdidlyumptious

Upper KS2

2019-20 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
A Child’s War Blood Heart Stargazer

While incorporating a progression in the acquisition of skills and knowledge, the curriculum provides frequent opportunities for the children to reinforce and apply their learning, therefore increasing understanding across the curriculum. The use of new technologies, visits, visitors and first hand experiences aid understanding. We want children to be inquisitive and passionate about their learning therefore different approaches are used to explore and deliver topics to ensure all our children are challenged and develop the skills they need to be confident and successful lifelong learners.

All lessons follow a similar model where the “Teach and Do” approach is applied in all classes. The ‘teach and do’ approach increases the pace of work and breaks up learning activities into smaller, more manageable chunks.  As the lesson progresses ‘assessments of learning’ are made and misunderstandings are dealt with immediately.  We also give the children regular opportunities to ask and answer questions to consolidate their learning.  Lessons are fun and interactive, with lots of demonstration, modelling and explanation. Paired or group work features regularly.  As a result of this our children are able to articulate their learning in different situations and are confident to attempt new tasks positively.

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum or have any queries please contact Mrs N Ainsworth , Headteacher using the details on our contact us page.