“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”


At Rawmarsh Sandhill, we believe that strong relationships and meaningful praise is central to children’s success, and that focussing on the individual and their accomplishments, is just as important as collective responsibility. We have a range of methods we use to reward children’s academic and social achievements.


We use dojo online communication platform to record children’s successes against the Sandhill Ways. These are verbal cues that the children then record on their dojo profile and can be viewed at home. Children are proud of their dojos and always know how many they have! These are used to inform both individual and class awards at a given number of points and a reset every term.


We reward attendance on an individual level, through a bookmark system that enables children to build up their successful attendance through a period of three weeks. Each complete bookmark results in a wrist band, and ultimately, a series of highly-prized attendance badges. In this way, every child can work towards higher attendance and a goal that is in-line for them. Children who achieve 100% attendance every term receive a special certificate, and children who are here every day for the entire year receive the coveted Gold attendance award badge!


Our Pledges are a commitment we make to offering our children a broad range of experiences in Life Skills, Active Citizenship and Cultural understanding. We offer a bronze level of this as a school, and children receive a postcard certificate when they achieve this. Our silver and bronze pledges are driven by particular achievement from individual pupils and are likewise celebrated. Many of these pledges are achieved by a commitment to them outside school. Please see the Sandhill Pledges section of the website for more information.

Special Awards

We use a range of weekly special awards to identify children who have worked particularly hard on an academic aspect over the week and also really promoted one of our Sandhill Ways.


We celebrate our students through corporate, whole-school assemblies, but we are also a firm believer that our children are sometimes overwhelmed and anxious in these large situations. As a result, Fridays are our celebration days, where members of the SLT will visit classes and children to hand out the above awards and take time to talk to them about their achievements on a more intimate level. In feedback from children, we believe this is a more personal touch for children’s achievements.
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