Sandhill Primary

Year 5 (Mr Cairns)

Welcome to our Year 5 class!

Hello! Welcome to Mr Cairns’ class. I hope you are ready for a fun and busy Spring Term! We can’t wait to get going!

About Us

The other adults you will be working closely with are our amazing teaching assistants that work across KS2. These include, Mrs Elvidge, Mrs Braisby, Mrs Dudil and Mrs Whelan. They are always there to help! These adults will support you with your learning and take you out to do extra work to make sure new skills are fully understood and embedded.

Meet your Teachers

Hello! My name is Mr Cairns and I am your new class teacher!

I like to have an active lifestyle so I play football, go to the gym and attempt to play golf. I hate sitting down and doing nothing. You will learn how energetic I am next year as your teacher! I’m really excited to see you in September and starting a new journey together. There’s nothing better than seeing children achieve, so let’s get cracking!

Mr N Cairns - Teacher1-min

Mr Cairns
Year 5 Teacher

I can’t wait to see you all. I have two grown-up sons and a dog called Max. In my spare time, I love spending time with family and friends; I also love attending bingo. During school, I love helping children succeed in all areas of learning.

Mrs J Elvidge - Teaching Assistant1-min

Mrs Elvidge
Year 5 Teaching Assistant

I have one son and one granddaughter. In my spare time, I love going to my caravan. I am looking forward to helping you all achieve your goals next year.

G Harrison Mrs

Mrs Harrison
Year 5 Teaching Assistant

In my free time, I love to bake or watch a good movie. One of my favourite films is Finding Nemo. I am looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

Ms E Braisby

Mrs Braisby
Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Our New Learning

  • History – Crime and Punishment 

In history we are going to be travelling back through time to discover what crime and punishment was like from the Ancient Romans to the 21st century.  

  • Geography – Climate change and The Commonwealth

Within geography we will be studying climate change and the negative impact this is having on our planet as well as discovering who Greta Thunberg is and what she is doing to help stop climate change. Along side this we are going to be learning about the Commonwealth, locating the countries that are apart of it as well as the positive and negatives of having a Commonwealth.

  • Science – Space and Forces

Within science we will be exploring our universe and solar system, finding out what the different planets are, why we have night and day and discovering who Nicolaus Copernicus was and his contribution to astrology. In addition to this, we will be studying gravity and finding out why objects fall to the ground, how air and water resistance impacts how objects fall and how mechanisms effect forces.

  • RE – Religious Stories

In Religious Studies we are going to be studying religious stories and the teachings behind them. We will also discuss how the morals of these stories continue to impact the modern world today and whether they apply to us as individuals.

  • PSHE – Dreams and Goals

In PSHE we are going to be thinking about our dreams and goals in life. This will touch on different types of jobs and careers your child might want to be when they grow up, how we can support each other in achieving these dreams and how our dreams might differ from those of children living within another culture.

  • Art – Terracotta Soldiers

Within art we will be improving our sketching techniques to draw a Terracotta warrior. We will then be designing and creating our own soldiers using clay.

  • French

In French we will be learning how to count to 50, express our likes and dislikes with regards to food, sports and hobbies and recapping the days of the week, months of the year and how to tell the time.

  • PE – Gymnastics

Within PE we are going to be learning a range of skills to help us understand how to squat and straddle, safely use a range of apparatus and perform a sequence.

  • ICT – Coding

In ICT we will be learning about coding. This involves creating algorithms and commands that a computer can follow to complete particular actions as well as debugging problems to fix errors within a program.

Class Information

We recommend bringing your PE kit on a Monday and leaving it at school for the whole week. We will remind you to take it home on Fridays too! Most days, we will attend an assembly with the rest of the school. We have to get ready pretty quick in the mornings for this! Playtime is 10:45 whilst 11 and we will have lunch at 12 with the rest of the school. Our day usually consists of Reading, Writing, Maths during the morning and then a range of foundation subjects in an afternoon including, Science, RE, PE, Geography and History etc.