Sandhill Primary

Year 2/3

Welcome to our Year 2/3 class!

Hello! Welcome to Mrs May’s class. I hope you are ready for a fun and busy Spring Term! We can’t wait to get going!

Meet your Teachers

Hello, I am Mrs May and I am your Year 2/3 teacher.

I have two boys and two guinea pigs. When I am not in school I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also love to go to the theatre, go out for meals and go to concerts. I am really looking forward to seeing you all again in September. Have a lovely summer.

Ms K May

Mrs May

Year 2/3 Teacher

Our New Learning

Our topic for this term is “Roadtrip USA”.
In Geography, we will be learning…

  • where the USA is on a world map or globe.
    why Christopher Columbus is a significant person.
    how mountains are formed and be able to talk about mountains in the USA.
  • about the similarities and differences with climate and landscape between the UK and USA.
  • what problems are caused by pollution and what steps are being taken to improve this.

In Science, we will be learning…

  • what a seed needs to be able to grow into a healthy plant.
  • the names of parts of flowering plants and why they are important.
  • how water is transported through a plant.
  • how flowering plants reproduce.
  • what we need light for and how we see.
  • how light is reflected from different surfaces.
  • what shadows are and how they might change.

In Art, we will be learning…

  • the differences between primary and secondary colours.
  • how to mix powder paints effectively.
  • how to use different brushes and tools for different effects.
  • how to create a wash to use on a landscape picture.

In Computing, we will be learning…

  • how technology is used by different people for different things.
  • how technology has changed.
  • what the “World Wide Web” is used for and how to use it safely.
  • how to create, modify and present information in different ways.

In RE, we will be learning…

  • about Christian celebrations and commitments.
  • the meanings of symbols, words and actions used in prayer and worship.
  • about different forms of worship, prayer and meditation in different communities.

We also hope to be able to spend a lot of time enjoying the sunshine outside.

Remember to come to school in your PE kit on a Tuesday and Wednesday and keep checking Dojo for more updates.

Class Information

You will need to bring your PE kit to school every day. You will have a peg in the classroom that you can keep it on during the week and take it home at the weekend. Your teaching assistants will be working across the Y3 and Y4 classes so you will get used to working with lots of different adults for different things.