Sandhill Primary

Year 2/3

Welcome to our Year 2/3 class!

Hello! Welcome to Mrs May’s class. I hope you are ready for a fun and busy Spring Term! We can’t wait to get going!

About Us

We have three key adults working in our class. On Monday and Tuesday your teacher is Mr Law. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday your teacher is Mrs May. Mrs Harrison is our teaching assistant and she works in our classroom every morning.

Meet your Teachers

Hello, I am Mrs May and I am your Year 2/3 teacher.

I have two boys and two guinea pigs. When I am not in school I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also love to go to the theatre, go out for meals and go to concerts. I am really looking forward to seeing you all again in September. Have a lovely summer.

Ms K May

Mrs May

Year 2/3 Teacher

Our New Learning

In the spring term, our learning will include lots of exciting things including designing and making pizzas, exploring the local area and a visit to the National Coal Mining Museum, Covid permitting! 

Here are some of the new skills and knowledge you will be learning:

  • In Geography, we will be learning about the physical and human features of Rawmarsh. We will be taking part in fieldwork activities creating sketch maps and carrying out surveys to find about the people who live in Rawmarsh.
  • In History, we will be learning about Rawmarsh in the past and about how coal mining developed over time. We will hopefully be visiting the National Coal Mining Museum to find out what life was like for children who used to work down the mine.
  • In Science, we will be learning about humans and the importance of food for the body. We will also learn about our skeleton and its functions.
  • In Design Technology, we will be designing and making pizzas to meet a specific criteria. 
  • In Art, we will be exploring the sculptures of Anthony Gormley and we will try to create our own sculptures in his style using a range of media.
  • In Computing, we will be learning how to create a short animations using Scratch.

Class Information

Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. On these days due to Covid, you need to wear your PE kit.  You will also need to either bring plasters to cover your earrings or take them out yourself. You might need to ask your adult to help you practise this at home as it can be a little tricky!

Each morning when you come into the classroom you will need to complete your magic spellings and then read your reading book. Please bring your reading book to school each day. This is the time when you need to change your book. As you are now in Key Stage 2 we expect you to remember to change your reading book. 

To help you with your learning, each Monday a MyMaths Task is set to be completed by the following Monday to earn a dojo and Spelling Frame tasks are allocated fortnightly. There are lots of other ways that you can earn dojos by following the ‘Sandhill Way’. As you achieve the target points on the chart you will receive your reward.