Sandhill Primary

Year 1’s Summer Topic: Enchanted Woodland

Mon 19th Apr, 2021

In summer term, our topic is ‘Enchanted Woodland’.

In Geography, we are going to be exploring our school grounds very carefully and looking at the natural and man-made features. I wonder what we will see? Back in the classroom, we will be learning about maps and creating our own.

In Science, we will be going back outside to look at the different plants we have around our school. We will be even planting some of our own and learning what plants need to grow so we can look after ours very carefully.

We will also be looking at the animals we can find at our school and in DT,  we will be making our own recyclable bird feeders.

In Art, we will be looking at how we can create natural art just like Andy Goldsworthy.

Remember to bring sensible clothing and shoes as we will be outside a lot!