Sandhill Primary

Rawmarsh Sandhill Represents WPT at the Greater Sheffield School Bouldering Competition

Mon 7th Feb, 2022

On Friday 4th February, students from Aston Hall Junior & Infant School and Rawmarsh Sandhill Primary School competed in the Greater Sheffield Bouldering Competition at the Climbing Works in Sheffield.

Both schools qualified due to having the quickest five climbers in the ‘WPT Speed Climb’, which all eight Trust primary schools have taken part in during Term 1 and 2.

The two teams tackled a number of bouldering problems during the day, with the children having to use their heads to plot the best routes from the start hold to the finish hold. Each child got four attempts at each climb; 10 points were scored if they competed on try 1, 7 points on try 2, 5 points on try 3 and 3 points if they managed it on their final try. There was also a bonus hold on each climb, where the children would score an additional point for reaching if they didn’t manage to complete the climb.

Mr Walker and Mr Bloor were extremely impressed with both teams, who tackled all the problems in front of them with a real ‘never give up’ mentality.

Over 300 children will have taken part in the qualifying round between January and February half term, with the top 10 schools progressing through to the regional finals in March.

We will find out the results at the end of February, but well done to all 10 children who took part for your attitude, determination and endeavor throughout!