Sandhill Primary

Lent with a Difference!

Mon 4th Mar, 2019

The RE Team helped us launch our 40 Acts of kindness that the children will be working on each day over Lent.

We have joined thousands of young people across the country including pupils at Monkwood, Ashwwod and Rosehill to ‘give’ rather than ‘give up’ to celebrate Lent. Each child will be bringing home their 40 Acts challenge card this week.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages as each evening starting tomorrow we’ll be posting the daily challenge for the next day!

Lent is traditionally a time where people give something up but this year at Rawmarsh Sandhill we are hoping to do Lent with a difference! In partnership with the RE team and thousands of people across the UK we are hoping to take part in the 40 Acts challenge where we give something back instead of giving something up through carrying out small acts of kindness and generosity using the challenge board. Each day for 40 days (starting on the 6th March but not including Sundays) there is a daily challenge for your child. Some challenges can be completed at home and some at school.

One of the daily challenges is to support a local foodbank. We have decided to support the food bank at Rawmarsh Salvation Army. A box will be located in the hall during the challenge for children to bring in any tins or packets of food you can spare. This will be collected by the RE team and taken to the foodbank at the end of the challenge.

The Foodbank in Rawmarsh is located at the Salvation Army. It is run on a referral system from local GPs, social services etc. They are happy to help anyone who is in need. Sometimes a person’s benefit payments are interrupted for a variety of reasons and they have no money for food. Others have family challenges that mean there is no food in the house. Foodbank is there to help in any and all crisis situations. It is part of the Borough-wide, Food For People In Crisis Partnership.