Sandhill Primary

Foundation Stage Library is Open!

Mon 13th Mar, 2017

After a very successful World Book Day, we have decided to open our very own library.

Starting next week (13th March) each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be our library days. When the children come into Foundation Stage Two as well as doing their morning jobs they will also be able to go to the quiet area to choose a book to take home and share with their grown-ups. We have a great selection of books from well-known stories, non-fiction, popular character books, storybooks for you to read to your child or books they may wish to read to you and even books they can share with their younger friends or family members.

Each child will have their own library sheet, in either the Dragon or Unicorn file. Please help your child to fill in the title of the book they wish to borrow and the date. On returning, just write the return date and choose another book!

We will be introducing the library to Foundation Stage One in the coming weeks, so watch this space for more information!