Sandhill Primary


Team points

All children are allocated a team when they start school. The teams are Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn. You earn team points for exemplary behaviour, showing a positive attitude, consistent effort, making a contribution, as well as achievement. You can get a team point from any adult in school. At the end of every calendar month, we add up all the points to find out which team is the winner. At the end of the school year, the winning team are rewarded with a trip to the seaside! You can also be an individual monthly team point winner. The girl and boy with the most points in each class receive a certificate. If you earn 4 or more certificates by the end of the school year, you are taken out for a special lunch and a game of bowling.

Star of the Week

If you really stand out for your good behaviour, attitude, effort or contribution, you could be Star of the Week. You will receive a special certificate in assembly which will then be displayed all week on our ‘Star Status’ display board and you will also earn 3 team points for you and your team.


Every week each class has its attendance percentage figure calculated. The class with the highest attendance for the week is rewarded with 10 minutes of extra playtime where you can play parachute games. If your class wins and you also beat our target of 96.5%, you get an additional 5 minutes of extra play. If your class achieves 100% attendance for the week, you will be rewarded with 20 minutes of parachute games.

At the end of the year, you can also win a trophy for yourself if you have an attendance of 97%, 98%. 99% or 100%.

Award Stickers

You can receive a Teacher’s Award, a Deputy Head’s Award or a Head Teacher’s Award sticker for producing an outstanding piece of work.

Special Mentions Assembly

Your teacher can choose you for a ‘special mention’ for many reasons such as work you have done, for your effort and attitude or for your good behaviour to name but a few! Your achievements will be celebrated in our Special Mentions Assembly where you will receive a special sticker and your name will be added to our wall of success.