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TT Rockstars

There are some amazing maths lesson videos on this website. They also set tasks for children to complete based on problem solving and reasoning.

Every day, at 11am, David Walliams is sharing a free audio story from one of his books.

Check out the supermovers videos in the link below. These videos combine physical activity and different curriculum areas.

30 Day Lego Challenge

I See Maths

Authorfy – Children’s Author 10 Minute Challenges

Whole school Wild Challenge:
Have a look at the Sheffield Peregrines on St George’s Church. http://peregrine.group.shef.ac.uk/
They are quite active at the moment as March to June is breeding season. Keep checking in so you can see when they lay eggs and, hopefully, when they hatch and eventually fledge.  Can you create a peregrine project? Some art work or information about peregrines would be great! You could find out what ‘stooping’ is and how fast they do it.

Suggested Home Learning timetable.

Please check your Dojo for regular updates from your teachers!

Here is a fantastic home learning website provided by the BBC. It has lots of video resources for all children for all National Curriculum subjects.

Children can use the knowledge they gather from these videos to create a piece of work or retell a friend or family member something they have learned.

Just open up the link and scroll down to video resources.


We’ve loved exercising in the morning with Joe Wicks as it sets us up for the day ahead. Remember, if you can’t get involved at 9am, the video is uploaded onto his channel to access at any time that is convenient.


CEOP Home Learning