Sandhill Primary

FS2 Transition

Fri 26th May, 2017

In preparation for our FS2 children moving up to Year 1 we will be making some changes to the morning routine.

The Foundation Stage Two children will soon be moving into Year 1. We’ve already started to prepare them for this and the next stage will be to change the morning routine.

Once in Year 1 the children will line up on the playground and will then be collected by their teacher. They will then follow the morning routine, such as choosing their dinner and putting their planner and water bottle away, by themselves.

We would like to help the children prepare for this change by asking you to say goodbye at the door and letting the children come into the Foundation Unit by themselves. Once inside the Foundation Unit staff will help the children with their routine.

The staff will still be available for you to speak to.

You can download a copy of the letter here.