Sandhill Primary

Class 7

Welcome to our Class 7 page!

Get ready to dive into a range of topics this year which include the Frozen Kingdom where we will explore the coldest points on earth, Stargazer where we will travel into space to explore the unknown and Extreme Weather where we will definitely need an umbrella!

Meet your Teachers

Hello everyone! My name is Mr Steeple and I am going to be your teacher for the next academic year!

During my free time, I enjoy playing football and I have played for numerous teams including Leeds United whilst growing up! I enjoy learning about space and I have a real interest in finding out more about the Universe! I cannot wait to see you all in September to start our fun-packed school year together!

Mr. O Steeple

Mr Steeple
Class 7 Teacher

Hi, my name is Mrs Whelan and I have 6 children – 4 girls and 2 boys. I am utterly obsessed with flamingos and anything that glitters or sparkles! I love reading and baking. My favourite food is Italian. I enjoy watching the Chase and every now and again I manage to beat the Chaser!


Mrs Whelan
Class 6 Teaching Assistant

Hi my name is Mrs Dudill and I will be working with you this year as your teaching assistant, I am also a dinner lady in school. I have a daughter who is 9 years old and in my free time, I like reading, shopping, going to the cinema and at the weekends taking my dog on walks. I am looking forward to working with you in September.

Ms H Dudill

Mrs Dudill
Class 6 Teaching Assistant

Our New Learning

During the summer term we will be covering the topic ‘Post War Britain’ where we will be focusing on the decades following World War 2 up to present day. Within this topic we will be covering some major historical events that have shaped the way we live in Britain today. Some of these major events include: the establishment of the NHS; Windrush generation; World cup winners, Minor’s strike and the steel industry within the local area.

We can’t wait to get stuck into Britain’s recent history and see how our great nation recovered and re-established itself after the war.

Class Information

Bring P.E kit to school on Monday and take home Friday.