Sandhill Primary

Class 3

Welcome to our Class 3 page!

Hello everybody and welcome to class 3! I am so excited about what we have planned for the year ahead and cannot wait to meet you all!

Meet your Teachers

Hello! My name is Miss Palmer and I am your Year 3 teacher and Deputy Head.

I have a little girl who keeps me busy at home and she is 7 years old. I love sunshine and spending time outside but I don’t like thunderstorms! I enjoy reading books by new authors and I am always on the lookout for recommendations so I can’t wait to hear about yours! I have recently started to go running in my spare time and am enjoying finding new places to go. I am looking forward to seeing you all in September and can’t wait to get to know you all!

JPalmer - Deputy Head and Teacher-min

Miss Palmer
Class 3 Teacher

I can’t wait to see you all. I have two grown-up sons and a dog called Max. In my spare time, I love spending time with family and friends; I also love attending bingo. During school, I love helping children succeed in all areas of learning.

Mrs J Elvidge - Teaching Assistant1-min

Mrs Elvidge
Class 3 Teaching Assistant

I have one son and one granddaughter. In my spare time I love going to my caravan. I am looking forward to helping you all achieve your goals next year.

G Harrison Mrs

Mrs Harrison
Class 3 Teaching Assistant

In my free time, I love to bake or watch a good movie. One of my favourite films is Finding Nemo. I am looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

Ms E Braisby

Mrs Braisby
Class 3 Teaching Assistant

Our New Learning

History – For our History we will be going back in time to discover what life was life during Tudor times, discovering; who Henry the VII was, what Tudor life was like and delving into treacherous Tudor wars. We will also be going on an adventure to Gainsborough Old Hall, an amazing trip which is filled with exciting activities to deepen our understanding of Tudors.

Science – During the first half of Autumn term in Science, we will be learning about ‘States of Matter’ exploring questions such as; What is a gas? Can material change state? How can we group different materials? In order to deepen our understanding of the world around us. During the second half, we will be moving onto ‘Sound’ learning about how sound travels and how technological advancements in sound have helped improve our lives.

RE – In RE this term we will be learning about leaders and how they inspire and influence people. We will be thinking about the qualities that a leader needs to have and identify leaders who inspire and influence us in our daily lives. We will also learn about the key religious leaders in the religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam and how they provide wisdom, inspiration and influence on how followers of these religions should live their lives.

Art – We will be using a series of lessons which build on each other to help progress our understanding of how to use and create shadows, light and textures to produce portraits. We will also be exploring the famous portrait artist Hans Holbein and reproducing some of his artwork.

DT – For Design Technology, we will be improving our sewing techniques in order to produce a Tudor rose. These lessons will take us on a step by step journey to help us design, create and evaluate our own Tudor roses, helping us understand what the Tudor rose symbolised during these times.

Class Information

You will need to bring your PE kit to school every day. You will have a peg in the classroom that you can keep it on during the week and take it home at the weekend. Your teaching assistants will be working across the Y3 and Y4 classes so you will get used to working with lots of different adults for different things.