Sandhill Primary

Class 1

Welcome to our Class 1 page!

Hello! Welcome to Class 1. I hope you are ready for a fun and busy Year 1! We can’t wait to meet you!

Meet your Teachers

Hello! My name is Miss Hollingworth and I am the Class 1 teacher.

I enjoy listening to music and going to different concerts and festivals. I also enjoy going on long walks to find and explore new and exciting places. I cannot wait to meet you all in September and I am looking forward to welcoming you into Year 1.

Miss E Hollingworth - Teacher1-min

Miss Hollingworth
Class 1 Teacher

I have two children – Imogen who is nearly 10 and Mia who is 8.

In my free time I like to watch ice hockey and love to watch the Sheffield Steelers at the Sheffield Arena. I love to read but my favourite pass-time is visiting family and friends. I cannot wait to meet you in September.

Mrs K Bryan - Teaching Assistant1-min

Mrs Bryan
Class 1 Teaching Assistant

My hobbies are sewing and walking my dog – she’s a Golden Labrador called Gracie. I also enjoy my caravan holidays with Mr Hucknall, visiting lots of different places. See you all in September.

B Hucknall Mrs

Mrs Hucknall
Class 1 Teaching Assistant

I have three grown-up children who have all attended Sandhill. I’m also a Grandma to 4 granddaughters! My hobbies include craftwork, knitting and reading and I also enjoy a good film. I look forward to an exciting new year working with you all.

Mrs. T Kirk

Mrs Kirk
Class 1 Teaching Assistant

I have five children – 4 girls and 1 boy. In my free time, I take my girls dancing and love to spend days out with my family. I’m a big Disney fan but also like Harry Potter. My favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you in September.

Mrs. H Bray

Mrs Bray
Class 1 Teaching Assistant

Our New Learning

The first topic in September is Bright Lights, Big City. We are going to be learning all about the Royal Family and London. We are also going to be learning about a new furry friend. He wears a blue coat and likes to eat Marmalade sandwiches…I wonder who it could be?

In science, we are going to be looking at different materials and completing an investigation to help Paddington on his travels to London. We will learn lots of new investigative skills! As Artists, we will be looking at Van Gogh and be creating our own silhouette pictures of the London Landmarks.

Once we have helped Paddington in lots of different ways, we will start the look in-depth at an important event in our History. The Great Fire of London. We will learn what it was like to experience this event and how it must have felt. We will also use lots of skills in DT to design and make our own Tudor houses. We are going to have lots of fun!

Class Information

We recommend bringing your PE kit on a Monday and leaving it at school for the whole week. We will remind you to take it home on Fridays too! We try to get changed on our own in Year 1 and we will have a shorter time to get ourselves ready too! During Year 1, we will try to become more independent and grown-up. That means doing lots of things that the older children do too. Most days, we will attend an assembly with the rest of the school. We have to get ready pretty quick in the mornings for this! We will have lunch at 12 with the rest of the school and then go and play with Year 2. Sometimes, we will play with the rest of the school as well!